Hi, I’m Nikki!

With a background in Executive Leadership and Fitness,

I bring a unique blend of expertise and empathy to my coaching practices. My mission is to help you set, reach and exceed your life goals. I will help you gain clarity, overcome obstacles and unlock your FULL potential by providing personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

I believe that everyone has the power to create the life they desire, and my coaching approach is centered around helping you tap into your inner strengths and resources to achieve your goals. Together, we will work on identifying your values, setting achievable goals, and developing practical strategies to overcome challenges and build momentum toward lasting change.


What I Offer

1:1 RESET Breathwork

Achieve peak mental and physical well-being with personalized RESET Breathwork sessions. As a certified breathwork facilitator, Nikki will guide you on a transformative journey to release stress and enhance vitality, providing tailored breathing techniques and ongoing support. Embrace positive change, cultivate deep inner peace, and unlock your full potential through the power of controlled breath.

1:1 Life & Wellness Coaching

Elevate your life with personalized coaching from Daily Love, designed for individuals ready to advance personally and professionally. Nikki focuses on immediate impacts and measurable outcomes, fostering sustainable changes. Explore stress management, productivity, and goal setting, all tailored to your specific needs and aspirations. Experience a coaching journey with Nikki that propels you toward your highest potential.

Group Breathwork &
Workshop Facilitation

Ignite motivation and cultivate self-work while embracing overall wellness with our group breathwork and workshop facilitation. Topics cover stress reduction, enhancing vitality, goal-setting, the transformative power of Daily Love, and many other valuable insights. Each session is meticulously customized to the needs of the group, ensuring a personalized and impactful journey toward improved well-being, all guided by expert breathwork techniques and wellness strategies.

How It All Began

I started to wonder how I could take my personal experiences, professional HR expertise, and knowledge in fitness and wellness to help others elevate their lives the way I had upgraded mine. I wanted others to see BIG results without going through the trial-and-error I had to endure. I wanted to take the bulk of the guesswork out of it and make the journey more seamless and time effective. After several years of exploration, research, grit and grind, The Power of Daily Love was born!

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