I am dedicated to helping individuals, like you, set,
achieve, and exceed personal and professional goals.

As a certified Life and Wellness coach, I specialize in attainable goal setting, personal and professional development, stress management, and overall physical and mental wellness. I am a huge believer in practicing what I preach and I know, firsthand, the importance of living a balanced, happy, and healthy life. 

Often, we are confronted with stressful days and busy lives, and I am here to help you step back, live in the moment, breathe deeper and find that fulfilling life you’ve been dreaming of!

I never thought I’d be the girl who needed a spreadsheet to track the days I was able to get out of bed.

A girl whose biggest goal at one point would be to just get out of bed, even if it meant it was going 12 feet from the bed to the couch. And be a girl who ended up being damn PROUD of that spreadsheet. Never did I think that spreadsheet would lead me to where I am today.

Let’s rewind. I had just moved to a new state. I moved across the country, alone, from Boston to beautiful, sunny, amazing Laguna Beach. Leaving Boston, I was a girl who was lost, a girl that was scared, a girl that had NO idea what the future held but I knew this move was going to be LIFE CHANGING. I was leaving behind an extremely unhealthy lifestyle which included addiction and abusive relationships. I was faking happiness the best I could and ready to start a new life.


I was alone, I was scared. And I was definitely feeling hopeless.

Depression hit, I had anxiety for the first time ever, and I would easily spend a week, or two, without leaving the house. And days on end in bed.

One day I woke up and I knew something had to change. Where had my happiness gone? Had I ever been happy? What was I searching for? Where had my motivation gone? How would I get it back? I tried time after time to start new rigorous workout programs, half marathon training – I can’t even run half a mile – ridiculous detoxes, and ALL the fad diets. Needless to say, I “failed” AT EVERYTHING. And each time I failed, I’d fall deeper into the “what in the heck am I doing?! What is wrong with me!?” feelings.


That’s when I saw an Instagram post about “Habit tracking” – huh – that looks cool.

I watched this woman’s story and all these fabulous habits she picked up including bread making, iron man training, the world’s best wife training, and Mary Poppins Mothering. I thought if this tracker helped HER achieve all that, then it would for sure work for me. I clicked the link to the PDF file and this pretty habit tracker popped up. I printed the tracker and started to brainstorm what would go on there. My first habit tracker had “No Unhealthy Foods” “No sugar” “Green drinks for breakfast and lunch” and “Workout 1 hour every day.” Guess what happened when I started tracking those goals?! Nothing. Actually, that is not true. What did happen is I felt like MORE of a failure. Now I could SEE firsthand how unmotivated I was. It was like the habit tracker was labeled “How depressed are you this week?” And ended up back in bed.

I would tell my IG following EVERY DAY to “Get up and get your body moving!” but I couldn’t even think about doing a workout. That is when it hit me. Why do I continue to set unattainable goals? Why would I think I could go from being a professional marathon Real Housewives watcher to a marathon runner in 6 weeks? Maybe, if I gave myself some grace, and set some goals that were attainable, I could gain momentum to one day set and reach bigger goals.

I sat on the failure until the end of the month because the beautiful tracker started at Day 1, which had to be the first of the month in my eyes. Looking back, I just needed the time to settle in and figure out what the heck I really wanted. I KNEW I was ready for it. My second habit tracker had “Get out of bed” “Brush your teeth” “Go for a walk” and “Remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTH IT.” Guess what happened? I CRUSHED that sheet. Did I do all of those things every single day? No. But I did have a pretty habit tracker with a lot of filled-in squares at the end of the first week, and even more squares the second week. And by week 4, those four things really did feel like habits. From there, I started to dig into something deeper.

What if I could change my mindset on different aspects of my life by setting attainable

Not just physical, but mental as well. What if I started to love myself daily, mentally, physically, emotionally, in relationships, my bank account, and my career? How could that change the path of my life?

Slowly but surely I started to feel more alive. Habit tracker after habit tracker, my goals got bigger and my visions became clearer.

I jumped back into my career as an HR executive and found my drive again. Day in and day out I had the opportunity to engage with many amazing employees. I spent countless hours coaching on a professional level and was the person many employees confided in. Through this journey, I discovered my passion for coaching people to their highest performance. I knew I wanted to take my coaching out of a purely professional context and move over into personal lives, too.

I want to share my story and help others elevate their lives the way I have elevated mine. Slow and steady habits, compounding day after day, can turn into big life changes.

Small Changes = Endless Possibilities.

I wanted others to see BIG results without going through as much trial and error. I wanted to take the bulk of the guesswork out of it. And that is how The Power of Daily Love was born.

I truly believe that every person has the ability to create the life they desire. As your coach, I will help you discover your strengths so you can achieve your goals. We’ll figure out what’s important to you, set achievable goals, and find ways to overcome obstacles for lasting positive change.


I am glad you ended up here and I cannot wait to work with you!

– Nikki

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